Stress is one of the biggest causes of hormonal imbalances in men and women.

What is adrenal stress?

Stress means different things to different people, it can be an emotional or physical stressor like pain, blood sugar dysregulation or food intolerances or environmental stressor like noise or light or pollutants. Whatever the cause the body responds in the same way by pumping out stress hormones like cortisol, adrenaline and noradrenaline. With more and more stress in everyday life these hormones are often constantly being produced without us even realising it, leading to a variety of symptoms that seem unrelated such as;

  • Your Gut
  • Hormones
  • Diet
  • Depression
  • Gut Issues
  • Food Cravings
  • Concentration Issues
  • Low Libido

Over a long period of time your adrenals can become exhausted and your brain may no longer be able to respond in the same way as it becomes affected by the overproduction of these hormones and can lead to dysregulation in other systems of the body.

Things you can do?

  1. Create some ‘phone free’ time. Either switch off at a certain time each night or have a digital detox day (or afternoon) once a week.
  2. Conscious Breathing – this can help to process stress hormones out of the body and is the best option for improving mental health. Choose something that raises your heart rate.
    deep slow abdominal breathing lowers the heart rate and stress hormones, lowers blood pressure and switches the body into the parasympathetic nervous system away from the sympathetic (fight or flight).
  3. Exercise – this can help to process stress hormones out of the body and is the best option for improving mental health. Choose something that raises your heart rate.
  4. Get outside daily and connect with nature – also now known as forest bathing. Being outside lowers cortisol levels. Even 15 minutes around the block makes a huge difference.
  5. Yoga or tai chi – both help to lower stress hormones.
  6. Finish work at a reasonable time and don’t take it home with you.
  7. Avoid high adrenaline programmes and the news before going to bed.
  8. Declutter your house and your wardrobe – it makes you feel clearer and gives you space to breathe.
  9. Take a power nap – rest the body and rest your mind. Even just for 10 minutes.
  10. Write it out – keep a journal and chuck all your thinking into it before you go to sleep so that it isn’t whirring around your head during the night. Write down 3 things that you are grateful for during the day.
  11. Watch a comedy or do some laughter yoga – these release feel good chemicals in the body.
  12. Work on your sleep – good quality, regular sleep is vital for reducing stress, especially the next day.

What can Functional Medicine do to support?

  • Use food and nutrients to support the adrenals. Nutrients like vitamin C, magnesium, vitamin B’s and herbs like ashwagandha, chamomile and lemon balm can all help to nourish the adrenals and support healthy cortisol levels.
  • We can test the health of your adrenals using a Comprehensive Adrenal Test. This uses your saliva to check on cortisol levels throughout the day as well as some other hormones that may be impacted through stress dysregulation.
  • Individualised programmes that address lifestyle medicine, all designed to help you reduce the effects of stress in your life.

5 Pillars of Functional Medicine

Managing Stress

Adrenal Stress and Functional Medicine

Do you suffer from adrenal stress and have tried all the usual approaches?

Functional Medicine can help you, simply book an online consultation or arrange a free 15 minute discovery call and find out how we can help.