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Wellness Journey

with Gayle Merchant

Do you want to lead a fuller, healthier and happier life?
Have you become unwell but don’t know why?
Have you been struggling to make sense of your symptoms?

Functional Medicine and Nutritional Therapy helps me to unearth the root causes of your symptoms to give you the answers you’ve been looking for and provide you with the tools to restore balance.

Creating optimal health

I understand the frustration of being told from blood tests that everything is ‘normal. ‘Normal’ is not ‘optimal’ and we can be a far cry from feeling well. Using the answers provided by the most advanced diagnostic testing available, we have the power to elicit change. The Functional Testing that I use identifies the biochemical imbalances, nutrient deficiencies or pathogens that may be contributing to sub-optimal health or chronic conditions so that we can seek to restore balance and not just mask symptoms.

I believe our bodies have their own innate wisdom and that there is no ONE ‘fix’ to an imbalance or a diagnosed disease. We are a blend of our histories, our food and lifestyle choices and our genetics, we are in fact unique walking recipes ourselves! Finding the ingredients to help you make the healthiest version of yourself is part of my work so that you can establish a loving friendship with your body, find balance in your life and feel well again.

Every person, every body, every spirit is unique and so each person’s journey back to better health will be different. Book a discovery call today to find out how Functional Nutrition can help you understand the reasons for your ill health, how to move beyond your symptoms and how to build a healthier future.