I can honestly say that Gayle has made such an amazing, positive impact on my health and I cannot be more grateful.  I started visiting Gayle around three years ago, after having my gallbladder removed. The gallbladder removal had unfortunately not resolved many of my stomach issues. I was often sick and struggled to hold down food. Sleep was also a problem for me. This obviously resulted in me being permanently exhausted and I felt I reached the end of the road with what my GP could offer me. Gayle’s knowledge of nutrition backed up by functional tests highlighted what might be the issue, and with a guided change in diet and some natural supplements, I soon started to feel better.  Gayle is very patient and understanding, and has never once got irritated with me when it’s taken me a while to adjust to and adopt new ways of life. She just keeps gently encouraging you to try to change for the better.  I can’t remember the last time I was sick now and I have so much more energy! My passion for life has returned and I am so much more capable of juggling the busy life I lead. AC.


Gayle’s advice and help has been life changing for me. Having struggled with various health problems my entire life. Gayle has transformed the way I manage my health, with advice and support throughout my journey. I can’t thank Gayle enough. – NH, Northampton


Gayle spends time to discuss all aspects of health and lifestyle (unlike GP visits). With Gayle’s holistic approach and depth of knowledge we have created a relationship that has enabled me to take significant strides in improving my health. Hashimoto’s is a lifelong condition and I am happy that I navigate it more effectively with Gayle’s care and support. AJ Wellingborough


I first contacted Gayle 12 months ago to see if she could help with the menstrual migraines I had been experiencing for some time. From the very first appointment, Gayle put me at ease and was extremely thorough in her assessments and investigations in order to provide me with the best support possible. Since then, I have seen Gayle every few months for reviews, and I can honestly say I feel so much better. The migraines are much improved and I feel my general health and well being continues to get better with Gayle’s guidance. She is incredibly knowledgeable and I would highly recommend Gayle to anyone looking to optimise their health and well-being. Sue.