I started seeing Gayle just over a year ago. I was suffering with stomach cramps, wind and severe bloating.

A colonoscopy had diagnosed diverticulosis and I was advised by the hospital to avoid too much fibre and foods with seeds in.

Gayle was very patient and understanding as we talked about my rather embarrassing symptoms. She recommended some nutritional supplements and a few diet changes including veggie smoothies and lots pulses.

She also arranged a food intolerance test for me, which showed a clear reaction to all dairy products. What a surprise-for five years I had been trying to avoid gluten!

I immediately cut out all dairy, the bloating improved straightaway and a year later I am pleased to say that my symptoms have 90% disappeared.

Thank you Gayle! 😃

HF – Northampton

I had reached rock bottom.  I felt depressed, had no energy and I was putting on weight for no apparent reason.  Both my job and my family life were very stressful and I had been to the Doctor for many tests, but everything had come back ‘normal’.  The day I went to visit Gayle I was tired, emotional and I had nothing left. During the first session Gayle guided me through a plan that included healthy eating and supplements. Within a month I had stabilised my weight and my mood was so much better.  Six months later I am feeling so good, I have more energy and although both my job and family life are still stressful, I can take it all in my stride.  I can thoroughly recommend Gayle, her knowledge and support are essential to my continuing health journey. She has made a tremendous difference to the the quality of my life.
TB (Teacher)