An instant healthy breakfast or snack!


Home-Made Instant Bircher Muesli


You can buy some ready-made brands which are great if you’re in a rush, but this is a much cheaper option and takes literally 2 minutes;





  1. Put organic oats in a food processor and blitz until they are fine.
  2. Take a large glass jar and fill half of it with organic oats.
  3. Add 2cm of chia seeds.
  4. 2cm pumpkin seeds
  5. 2cm sunflower seeds
  6. A handful of crushed nuts
  7. A pack of unsulphured dried mango snipped into tiny pieces
  8. A small pack of goji berries
  9. Shake to mix!



You can change the mix according to taste and swap the fruit/seeds as you wish.


All the best health to you,



home-made instant Bircher muesli by Gayle Merchant Nutrition Northampton