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Naturopathic Nutrition, hand in hand with Functional Testing, can help us determine the root cause of your symptoms, so that you can understand for yourself what lies at the heart of where you are today and start to create the conditions for your optimal health.

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Your health is more important than ever.  I am committed to supporting you on your journey towards optimum health and well-being.

Gayle Merchant Nutrition registered Nutritional Therapist Northampton


Welcome to Gayle Merchant Nutrition

I hope that you feel inspired and empowered by what you will read here. Food is our friend and is such an important ingredient in our journey to healing, wholeness, great health and vitality!

Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” and I believe that by eating good quality, unprocessed, seasonal, organic foods we can give our bodies the building blocks that it needs to return to a better state of health.

We can choose what we eat. This means the power of change lies with us.

Gayle Merchant Nutrition registered Nutritional Therapist Northampton


“I started seeing Gayle just over a year ago. I was suffering with stomach cramps, wind and severe bloating. A colonoscopy had diagnosed diverticulosis and I was advised by the hospital to avoid too much fibre and foods with seeds in.

Gayle was very patient and understanding as we talked about my rather embarrassing symptoms. She recommended some nutritional supplements and a few diet changes including veggie smoothies and lots pulses. She also arranged a food intolerance test for me, which showed a clear reaction to all dairy products. What a surprise-for five years I had been trying to avoid gluten!

I immediately cut out all dairy, the bloating improved straightaway and a year later I am pleased to say that my symptoms have 90% disappeared. Thank you Gayle! ?”


– HF – Northampton

“I have found Gayle Merchant to be a highly competent professional in her field.

She was extremely thorough in her initial assessment of my health and in her consideration of the whole body rather than just the aspect I was most interested in.

Gayle is always prepared to carry out additional research in pursuit of the best solution, personally tailored. I have been very pleased with my health outcomes on a personal basis and continue to discuss and take the advice offered, for which there is no pressure.”


– CA


“I’ve been on my health journey with Gayle for more than an year, and I admire very much her approach of looking at the whole picture.

Having someone who can understand all the layers of the issues and not just try to patch up a symptom is so invaluable. Gayle always brings new resources to my plans, and her recommendations have helped me to re-balance my health.

I highly recommend her to everyone who wants to reach optimal health.”


– LN Warwickshire

“Since first meeting with Gayle, our little boy has gone from strength to strength.

We saw a significant improvement within days. Gayle’s approach, supportive manner and results, mean that we have and will continue to recommend her to our nearest and dearest.

We are so grateful that we found her!”


– MW


“Gayle Merchant was recommended to my wife Margaret by her GP with a view to improving her general health having been unwell for many years.

I was impressed by her knowledge and professionalism and delighted by Margaret’s improved medical conditions within a few months.

At the time I was clinically overweight. After an appointment with Gayle I completely changed my view and understanding of weight loss. Withing 2 months I had lost 2 stone 5lb.

My unpleasant symptoms of restless legs syndrome have considerably lessened for the first time in many years. I cannot thank Gayle enough for effectively turning my life around by achieving a weight loss I thought was impossible.”


– Mal Leyshon

Want to know if a naturopathic nutritional approach is right for you?


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I can support a variety of health conditions including; weight loss, fatigue, eczema, food intolerances, gut issues as well as getting to the root of unexplained symptoms you maybe living with.

Initial consultation: 75 minutes £150 (also available on Skype/Zoom)

Follow up session: 40 mins £90 (also available on Skype/Zoom)

Gayle Merchant Nutrition registered Nutritional Therapist Northampton


For more information on Nutritional Therapy, or to book your consultation, please send me a message.

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For more information on Nutritional Therapy, or to book your consultation, please send me a message.